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We're on a mission to fund the next generation's future

Mission Brief

Gift-giving is broken.

We asked parents about receiving gifts for birthdays and other holidays. At some point they get annoyed with receiving more stuff they don't need. A lot of it ends up in the garbage.

Half of children

in Canada have zero education savings.
A future without higher education or with student debt awaits them.

40% of gifts

are unwanted by Canadians and thrown out every year. You can give parents something they definitely need instead.

$4 billion

in government grants for education savings went unclaimed last year.
Many families don't know about education savings or think they can't afford it.


is the average student debt at graduation for those with student loans. This is a crippling amount for someone just starting their adult life.

There is a better way.

With luvmunny 💝, you can give them something they definitely need!
Your gift is sustainable, thoughtful, and different.


Your gift is used for education savings

We don't release the gifts until we know the education savings account that they're destined for. No matter what financial institution they use.


Your gift is worth 20% more

Any gift made with luvmunny is worth 20% more thanks to matching grants from the federal government. Give $50 to give $60 or $100 to give $120!


Your gift appreciates for years

Instead of depreciating to the point of becoming waste, your gift will appreciate until your loved one uses it for their higher education.


Unlock the power of generosity

It's plenty easy to get all the family and friends in on the surprise. And, oh does that surprise get big.

Join our mission to fund the next generation's future

We believe in the generosity of our communities and their loved ones.


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